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These characteristics of people with high levels of resilience, form the basis of our seminars according to the needs of each client:

We all know what it’s like to work with someone who is in a bad mood.

We explore the key areas of self management: How we think, how we feel, our behaviour and our moods. People learn how to better manage these areas towards high energy, hopeful and optimistic moods. This allows people to make the best of situations, especially those beyond their control. They can become more aware of their moods and behaviour and how they affect the people around them.

How we feel about ourselves affects everything we do.

We show people how they can enhance their self confidence by learning to think differently about themselves. Multiple intelligences are discussed and the question changed from “Are you intelligent?” to “How are you intelligent?” We draw on stories a wide range of people showing how they came to recognise and express their unique talents and skills.

Optimism, even unrealistic optimism is better for us than despair.

We explain how humans have a natural tendency to be optimistic to keep us moving forward. To do this, we need to be able to imagine alternative realities and believe that we can achieve them.

Some people live miserable lives because they take themselves too seriously.

We can easily get caught up in the seriousness of our work and forget to be a little bit funny or make time for humour. We explain the benefits of humour and show how to strengthen our sense of humour by accessing, collecting and using humour. People are relieved to discover that they don’t have to be naturally funny to do this.

The best way of doing your job may not have been thought of yet.

We draw on the work of Edward de Bono to introduce “lateral thinking” and the benefits it can bestow to solving problems. We can also teach a simple problem solving technique with plenty of examples to inspire people to reduce or remove the stress in their lives.

It’s hard to happy if you are sick and tired.

Motivating people to make healthier lifestyle choices is never easy, but we find that the promise of having more energy is one way to do this. We keep our advice simple and interesting with a focus on the three basics of nutrition, rest and exercise. Our qualifications as a nurse and doctor add credibility to what we say.

Almost every person feels happier when they’re with other people.

Connecting with others seems to be universally accepted as a condition for a flourishing life and we suggest ways to do this. This topic may include the concept of “engagement” or the depth of involvement with family, work, friendships and hobbies.


What people need today more than ever before is information, inspiration and encouragement.

Patricia is a high energy presenter with a talent for simplifying complex information with anecdotes, examples and humour.
Shayne provides balance with a more reserved disposition and takes care of technical aspects (sound, lighting, power point etc.) so that we can do our best work.

Relevant humour is prepared in advance and includes observational humour, stories, power point visuals and props. Our spontaneous interactive humour during the presentation is what surprises and delights our audiences. Careful client research and our repertoire of humour make this possible.


Open with impact
Set the scene for your conference program by inviting us to promote your theme with our special blend of energy, enthusiasm and humour. Our message is aimed at reminding delegates to celebrate the work they do with friendship and fun. Our clients tell us that our light-hearted approach puts everyone in a good mood and open to the ideas from the conference.

Laughter wakes people up
We’ve all had the experience of being bored stiff at a conference or study day. The breaks can become more interesting than the sessions and we count the minutes until we can hit the coffee and conversation with friends.
We can revitalize conference attendees with a session which is both relevant to your program and humorous. Some clients engage us to open and/or close their conference.


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We welcome an invitation to possibilities for our involvement in:

  • Conferences, forums and study days.
  • Professional development.
  • Celebrations.


“Thank you for making the teacher’s Big Day Out a wonderful success. Your humour, enthusiasm and expertise were greatly appreciated.”
(Pat Edgar)

“You manage to get into the heads of our staff. You understand their everyday problems and use humour to deal with them.” (Vic. Roads)

“Your session was so positive and excited the nurses. They are already using your ideas back at work.” (Gastroenterology Conference)

“You proved all that we had hoped for, the cheeky challenge to the urologists, but with a strong message that I’m sure ‘hit home’".
(Urological Society Conference.)

We welcome your enquiry to discuss possibilities